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History - Milestones

1963 - 1978

Manufacturing commences with annual capacity of 4250 Metric Tons. Capacity enhanced to 10250 Metric Tons (1978). 


Mr. Omprakash G. Berlia is appointed Managing Director of Pesticides & Brewers Ltd.  

2001 - 2005

The Company diversifies into chemicals distribution across India. Creation of supply partnerships across Turkey, China and USA


Expansion of supplier base through partnerships with manufacturers in UK, Belgium and Taiwan. 


The company establishes its own in-house logistics team. Warehouses setup across Indian ports to hold duty-paid inventory and provide JIT deliveries.


Establishment of P.B. International division to cater to growing consumer electronics segment.


The chemicals distribution arm achieves a record volume, selling 200,000 Metric Tons of inorganic chemicals and polymers.


Pesticides Ltd is established at Thane, India for the purpose of manufacturing agrochemicals


P.B. International ventures into e-commerce supply management. 

Chemicals supply network is enhanced, selling a record 275,000 MTs of materials.

The PB Foundation is established to consolidate CSR initiatives of the group. 


Sets up warehousing projects with a combined 200,000 square feet under ownership management in Maharashtra. 


P.B. International emerges to become one of the largest independent e-commerce vendors in India (by revenues). 

The chemicals division handles a record 360,000 MTs of materials. Expansion into mineral and fertilizer prodcuts.


The PB Group establishes its overseas presence with subsidiaries in Hong Kong representative office setup in Chinese chemical hub of Tianjin. The name of the flagship company is changed from "Pesticides & Brewers Ltd" to "PB Global Ltd" to reflect the PB Group's expanding geographical focus.

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