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Chemicals Distribution & Trading

The PB Group has earned a reputation for being a leading supplier of chemicals across globe. Attention to detail along each step of the supply chain, from sourcing and purchase to logistics management gives the company a competitive edge.


Initially sourcing chemicals from CIS countries, the company has now expanded its gobal supplier network and has successfully entered into supply agreements with manufacturers from China, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey, Romania, Belgium and Chile.


To serve its customers across India the Company has created a pan-India network of offices and warehouses. PBL is present in all major Indian cities and industrial regions to provide ground-level assistance to its customers. The company maintains stocks of all its products across its warehouses to provide just-in-time deliveries to industrial consumers.

Seeing the growth in volumes the Company has created an in-house logistics team to provide the fastest and most economical service to customers. The dedicated logistics team also enables PBL to closely coordinate and economize its deliveries from its global suppliers.


Soda Ash Light (Sodium Carbonate)

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3

Origins: India, Poland, Romania, China, Turkey

End Use: Detergents, Dyes, Textiles

Soda Ash Dense (Sodium Carbonate)

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3

Origins: India, Poland, Romania, China, Turkey

End Use: Glass, Detergents, Silicates

Sodium Tripolyphospate (STPP)

Chemical Formula: Na5P3O10

Origins: Russia, China

End Use: Detergents

Sodium Bicarbonate

Chemical Formula: NaHCO3

Origins: India, China, Turkey

End Use: Food Processing, Dyes

Caustic Soda (Flakes/Pearls)

Chemical Formula: NaOH

Origins: India, China, Middle East

End Use: Detergents, Effluent Treatment

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Acetic Acid

Chemical Formula: CH3COOH

Origins: Middle East, China

End Use: Solvents, VAM

Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB)

Chemical Formula: C6H5CnH2n+1

Origins: Middle East

End Use: Detergents

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Fertilizers & Minerals

Sulpur (Refinery Grade)

Chemical Formula: S

Origins: Middle East, Russia

End Use: Fertilizers

Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)

Chemical Formula: (NH4)2HPO4

Origins: Middle East, Africa

End Use: NPK Fertilizers

Rock Phosphate

Chemical Formula: Ph

Origins: Middle East, Africa, USA

End Use: NPK Fertilizers

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PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) Resin

Chemical Formula: (C2H3Cl)n

Origins: China, Taiwan, Korea, Middle East

End Use: Pipes, Doors, Windows

Polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE) Resin

Chemical Formula: (C2H4)n

Origins: Middle East, Taiwan

End Use: Plastic Processing

Polyethylene Trepthelate (PET) Resin

Chemical Formula: (C10H8O4)n

Origins: Middle East, China, Japan

End Use: Plastic Packaging

Polypropylene (PP) Resin

Chemical Formula: (C3H6)n

Origins: Middle East

End Use: Plastic Processing

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)

Chemical Formula: (C9H11Cl7)n

Origins: China

End Use: High Temperature Pipes/Valves

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